Boys finish season at Central Plains

The boys’ basketball season went well, ending with a 17-5 record.

“Everybody felt a part of the team, even with 37 players I felt like we were a family,” head coach Kenny Eddy said.  “It was a great year. All the struggles where on me and not the team.”

The team got one win in the Sub-State tournament against LaCrosse.

“I am proud of how far we came as a team, battled through some adversity this year and got a lot closer to one another and actually had some fun,” senior Cooper Gates said. “I regret not coming in to get better every morning and not pushing my teammates to do their best every day.”

During the season, they won the 54 Classic. There were over 40 boys at the beginning of the season and 37 finished the season. Because of the large numbers, ten C team games were added to the schedule.

The varsity team beat Attica twice. Attica was one of the harder teams on the schedule, as they were also ranked third most of the year. Beating Attica at Attica one of the best games for Gates.

“We were without coach Eddy and Cade Swonger while being on the road for one of our toughest games and we balled out,” Gates said.

He said the boys thought when they were playing in Sub-State that they needed to hit the weight room and shoot more. He wants to start out next year on the same level as they played in the last game of the season.

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