CAP gives back through community service projects

CAP groups have been doing many projects all year including local community service.

Some groups have been volunteering at the school while others have gone to Pratt or Sawyer to help out. Jane Melroy’s group has been to Sawyer multiple times to clean street lamps, renovate the park and clear limbs throughout the area. Kenny Eddy’s group decided to take over recycling responsibilities for the school and help set up the bleachers and clean up for home basketball games.

“Our group went with Ms. Lucas to the B-29 memorial to clean things up in that area for one of our community service projects,” freshman Hunter Berens said. “I appreciate that all of the groups are taking time to help others.”

All students in high school and middle school are involved with the projects. It has given them a chance to give back to the community and helped them stay more involved with it as well.

“I’m in Mr. Eddy’s CAP group and it is actually fun to go around and recycle,” sophomore Caleb Reece said. “All of the teachers really appreciate it and are glad we started doing it.”

The projects have received a lot of positive feedback from the community.

“We’ve received so many positive comments from the places like the B-29 memorial, the Humane Society, and the residents of Sawyer,”  Student Success Coordinator Diane House said. “One thing we didn’t expect as much was the feedback from parents and students that we’ve gotten which has all been positive.”

House says that community service will continue to grow and stay apart of the school’s culture in the next few years. Community service has impacted almost everyone in the school in some way and it is a great way to help teach students responsibility and citizenship.

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