Two Forensics team members qualify for State meet

Two students have qualified for State Forensics so far. Other members of the team currently have six more opportunities to qualify for the final event of the year.

So far senior Jade Downs and freshman Rosamond Eves have qualified for State, both in poetry. Downs received first place and Eves received third place at the Fair eld Forensics Meet.

“I do poetry and IDA,

improvised duet acting,” senior Jade Downs said.

IDA is where the duo picks two of three characters, one of three settings and one of three situations. Then the students are given 30 minutes to prepare a four to seven minute skit in which they act out the scene.

Students are allowed to compete in a max of eight meets, not including the re- gional and the state meet.

“Forensics is an activity that develops public speaking skills through acting and speeches,” senior Carson Lee said.

Forensics o ers students a lot of opportunities to express themselves freely and compete at the same time. While at Fo- rensics meets, students often make a lot of new friends when they go to di erent schools to compete. Meets have over 20 di erent contests that students can perform in.

“There are various events that you can compete in including three of my favorites Improvisational Duet Acting, Impromptu Speech, and Solo Acting,” Lee said.

Impromptu Speech is

where a student draws for a topic and is then given ve minutes to form a speech with an introduction, three di erent sections and a conclusion. The student has ve minutes to give the speech with a 30 second grace period.

“I appreciate the kids who go out and compete at our competitions,” Downs said.

Skyline will be hosting the Heart of the Plains League Meet on April 3. Students will then go on to compete at the Regional meet on April 21 at Ellinwood High School.

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