Flex schedule introduced for high school

For the upcoming school year, a Flex-Mod schedule is being developed in hopes of letting each individual student have more of an important role in planning his or her educational path.

The schedule has many different benefits, but one of the main ones is that it allows for teachers and administrators to let go of a little structure and give the control to the students. The schedule will allow for more flexibility to meet the individual needs of a student, instead of the one-size-fits-all model that a traditional schedule offers.

Teacher Morgan Ballard said students will be exposed to self-reliance, time management and ownership on a daily basis because of the flexibility of the schedule. All of those qualities are of high importance to be successful beyond high school.

“It’s my hope that as the new schedule begins to be implemented that we, as a whole, can see beyond the difficult process of change to the rewards of better preparing our students for the next chapter in their lives,” Ballard said.

The new schedule should be a better one because it fits just an individual student, not the whole school. The flex schedule is focused more on individual work so that students can follow their career path and take classes that help them get on the right track to graduate and go to college.

“I think the individual part of the schedule is better because each student can develop more about their classes,”  sophomore Charlie Shafer said.

Shafer is concerned for the people who don’t put a lot of effort into school. He thinks they may have trouble adapting to the Flex-Mod schedule.

“I would rather have the Flex-Mod schedule instead of any other schedule because it’s more individual,”  Shafer said.

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