Board selects new teacher

Anita DeWeese and Jackie Mundt had to take over the ag program because the previous ag teacher resigned.

DeWeese and Mundt split up the days of the week because they still have other jobs other than teaching. DeWeese has been approved by the school board to be the ag teacher next year.

DeWeese’s passion for teaching agriculture is the commitment from the students and their excitement about agriculture. She likes the support from the school and the families and community.

DeWeese has been a substitute for eight years. She wants to teach to see students grow and go through their school career.

“My plan is to visit with other ag teachers and FFA advisors for their suggestions on what to change or do better,” DeWeese said.

She is also seeking input from students and their families for what they believe is important.

“I like Mrs. DeWeese because she takes us to more of the competitions and judging contests than earlier this year,” sophomore Jay Crowdis said.

FFA has a banquet at the school on May 8. During the banquet awards will be handed out and officers will be announced.

“It’s fun for the students at the banquet to get awards,” DeWeese said.

The event planning class is helping schedule the banquet and they are preparing a pulled pork menu along with dessert. The event planning class will also make the decorations for the banquet.FFA banquet902-BF

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