Music, forensics showcase talent

Don’t miss the show of a lifetime tomorrow at 6:30 in the multi-purpose area where you can watch and listen to the state bound band and choir solos and ensembles along with the forensic student performances. The showcase will be open for the public to come watch. They will be able to watch all of the performances or they may come to watch certain students.

This will be the second time this event was hosted. Forensics sponsor Anita DeWeese hosts this showcase because it gives students an opportunity to show their friends, parents and grandparents what they have been working on all season and performing at their meets. The showcase also gives students another opportunity to practice their pieces before the state competition on May 5 and show off their talent.

page 1 pic again

“I will be singing a solo of the traditional version of Danny Boy,” junior Abby Ailstock said.

The band side of the showcase includes two trombone solos played by junior Kayla Flora and freshman Josiah Giles, a baritone solo by Kailey Hamm, a snare solo by senior Carson Lee, a trombone ensemble playing “Elena Polka,” and a trumpet ensemble playing “Fanfare and Air.”

“I like ‘Fanfare and Air’ because when you put all the trumpets together it sounds very musical,” senior Joshua Nelson said.

Along with Ailstock, two other  singers will be singing solos. Senior Jade Downs will be singing “Vergin, Tutto Amor” and sophomore Brenna Dolezal will sing “Danza, Danza, Fancivlle Gentile.”

The showcase gives several opportunities to watch students show off their talents and perfect their performance.

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