Career Day opening doors

Students got the opportunity to hear about different careers during the Career Day held on April 27. There were 12 presenters and the students listened to three of the 12, then attended a question and answer session.

The presenters covered finance, entrepreneurship, automotive, web developing, welding, teaching and more. Students chose to listen in on

careers that they were most interested in.

“It was a fun experience,” freshman Yahelin Corona said. “I got to learn and got inspired by the different careers.”

Each student got to choose the presenter that they wanted to see and learn about that person’s career.

“Listening to all the speak- ers talk about their experience gave me a better view on what I want in my future,” Corona said.

Each presenter that was

at the school said that they started with one certain job and they ended up having another job.

“Even though not all the jobs interested me, I got to learn something new about each career. I learned that you can start out with a certain career and end with a completely different one,” Corona said.

Ten of the presenters were Skyline alumni. Many of them attended the 50th Anniversary the next day.


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