History of Skyline gets celebrated

Skyline Schools were able to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the school on April 28. The Sky- line Foundation had been planning this event for over two years in a two part event.

The history of Skyline Schools began in a rough patch as it was first shot down by the community because they did not want to consolidate schools from surrounding towns. To get in favor of the public opinion, the original Board of Education, formed by Charles H. Cooper, Bob L. Moore, Billy Kenworthy, Lothair Dauner, Jess F. Stratford. and Clarence F. Newby, went out to each of the different towns and talked personally with the people about the idea of forming a Unified School District.

Skyline was named after the Skyline League that the previous schools participated in. Picking the school colors was a difficult job because they didn’t want to use colors from any of the previous schools so that they could keep everyone happy. The previous schools consisted of the Byers Hornets, Coats Bulldogs, Cullison Owls and the Sawyer Eagles. The Hornets were black and orange, the Bulldogs were royal blue and white, the Owls were black and red and the Eagles were yellow and purple. The mascot and school colors, the Thunderbirds and columbia blue and white, both came from an Air Force precision flying team.

The first part of the celebration consisted of
a goal to raise $50,000 dollars for the school and according to superintendent Becca Flowers that goal was well surpassed. The second part of the event was the actual celebration that took place at the school. At first they expected 250 people to reserve a spot, but that number eventually grew to over 500 people.

“The purpose of the celebration is to honor all previous graduates and really anyone that helped this school over the years,” Flowers said.

Lisa Befort kicked off the event with Dr. Justin Moore who was the emcee for the night. All previous alumni and staff members were invited to attend the event. The celebration consisted of school tours, a silent auction followed by a live auction, dinner, band with alumni and a presentation on the history of the school. The celebration was continued at the Elks Lodge after the school portion of the event.




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