Teacher of the Year

The teacher of the year for the 2018-2019 school year is band and choir teacher, and assistant track coach, Bob Lee.

He has taught band here for six years and choir for three years. Lee has brought home multiple awards and plaques with each group. This is his rst year as a track coach.

“I grew up with a band director as a father,” Lee said. “Watching him through his journey as an educator really helped inspire me to do the same thing.”

This year has been a very busy one for Lee because not only did he take both of his groups to all the regularly scheduled competitions, but he also took both the band and the choir to perform at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot in Orlando, Florida over Winter Break. He also takes the band to march at the state fair every year and took the choir to Newman University to perform earlier this year.

“I love interacting with the student

s and I get to interact with them on so many di erent lev- els,” Lee said. “Just having them in the classroom and getting to know them, the opportunities to interact with them outside the classroom like traveling to Disney World or to League or State music festival is always fun. And lastly, the in- teraction that takes place when we work on and perform the music. There is a connection there that is like no other.”

Lee has also taken the position of throwers coach on the track team. He says that he took the position in order to work with students outside of the music room so that they could see a di erent side of him.

“Coach Lee has massively helped improve my javelin throwing ability,” sophomore Colton Gatton said. “He works with all the throwers and makes sure everyone gets the help they need.”

state fair

Lee helps junior Sydney Graber get ready to perform at the state fair. He has taken the band to march every year that he has taught here.

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