Guest speaker presents to students

A human trafficking presentation, held at the Skyline gymnasium, was given to middle school and high school students from a guest speaker on October 1, to begin Self Regulation Training.

Working hand in hand with other programs at Skyline, Self Regulation Training is a program designed to help teach kids about the power behind the devices they use every day. Rob Spectre was the first speaker brought to Skyline for this program. Spectre delivered a presentation about human trafficking. The problem is something he is very passionate about.

Spectre was brought here as part of internet and electronic safety training, “just to make kids aware of what’s going on in our culture,” principal Herb McPherson said.

Spectre talked with the students about how to stay safe on the internet, what to look out for, and ways that they can help stop and report human trafficking.

“When I got out of school I started working as a software developer for a bunch of startups,” Spectre said during his presentation.

Spectre has worked with multiple startups, including Ashton Kutcher’s startup, Be Free. When working with Kutcher’s startup, he helped turn a human trafficking hotline into a text messaging line to reach out to more people. This is what got him involved in human trafficking prevention.

“Success is doing what you love in service of others,” Spectre said about his career.

He  is now the founder of, which just started this year. It is an artificial intelligence platform that protects kids from predators online.

“He did pretty good,” sophomore Wil Ailstock said. “He made a lot of jokes and that was pretty epic.”

Students were very enlightened by Spectre on human trafficking. Ailstock also remarked that he learned some interesting facts about human trafficking because of the presentation.

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