Students learn about human trafficking

Skyline Schools had a speaker come talk to the middle and high school students on October 1,  about human trafficking and how they can be more conscious about their social media apps.

“We wanted Rob Spectre to come speak to our students about human trafficking so that they would be more aware about how it happens and how to stay away from it,”, principal Herb McPherson said.

Spectre gave the students some ways to stay away from being trafficked. A few of the most important tips were to block, report, and make all your social media private.

Spectre defined human trafficking as “ involuntary labor compelled though force, fraud or coercion.”

He gave the students a number, 620-682-9420, to text if they suspected human trafficking was taking place.

“If someone were to tell me that they were getting pimped out, I would tell them to go to the police and if they didnt I would go to the police for them,” freshman Gracie Bower said.  

The students had a lot to take in from the presentation on human trafficking. McPherson hopes what they got from it was that they need to be more aware about their society and on their social media, because human trafficking and other problems just like it can begin online.


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