Flashlight tag replaces homecoming dance

A game of tag instead of a dance was the post game activity for homecoming night. “I’m glad that homecoming isn’t a dance because high school shouldn’t just be about romantic stuff, you should just have fun,” freshman Morgan Riepl said.

The homecoming activity was in the gymnasium. It started 30 minutes after the football game. The Pep Club was the organization in charge of the activity, which was flashlight tag. To play, one player had to count to a number as the other players hid. When he/she get done counting, the player who was it had to go find the others. Players got out or tagged when the light shined on them. When everyone else was found, then the game started over. There were about 50 people that attended the homecoming activity.

“I was disappointed that it wasn’t a dance because when it’s flashlight tag you’re not able to socialize with friends because you have to stay quiet when you hide or you get found so I would rather have a dance,” freshman Alea Nelson said.

Seventeen students in a student surveyDance Survey said that they didn’t like the game of tag and would prefer a dance.

“I was looking forward to go to the homecoming dance with someone,” freshman Monty Browning said.

A Pep Club member said that they chose flashlight tag because no one ever dances and they wanted that to change. They also sent out a survey on what they wanted to do for homecoming and a lot of people said flashlight tag.

Students that went to the activity said that they had a great time and some of the students said that  the best part of the whole night was when everyone played sardines, a game like hide and seek. In sardines only one person hides, while everybody else tries to find them. When found, the players hid with each other and soon the hidden group starts to look like a bunch of sardines.

Pep Club doesnt know if they are going to do another activity like flashlight tag or if they will go back to it being a dance.

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