Students get more involved

When walking around the school after practice you will rarely find students, recently, however, you might be able to find two juniors hard at work.

James White and Jesus Marquez are getting more involved. The two students have started working for the school. Over the last few years custodial help has been hard to find. The boys were interested in the job because they were looking for ways to make some money, but were also trying to find a way to help. They found the perfect mix when they went and talked to Diane House, the elementary principal and high school vice principal.

“I told Mrs. House that I had been having problems at my last job, and she said that I should start working for the school,” Marquez said.

House suggested that they would make the biggest difference by working at Skyline as custodians. They would be able to help the Skyline community while also making a few bucks. So far the students have enjoyed their new jobs. They both agree that the school has created a very healthy work environment.

“Oh yeah, I’m enjoying it,” White said. “I’m having a lot of fun.”

The boys started with smaller jobs, with White starting as a crossing guard. Eventually, after a few weeks, they moved on to larger tasks. Now that the boys are on their fifth week of work their jobs have gotten harder. Marquez and White now vacuum hallways and clean classrooms, bathrooms, the two gyms and the lunchroom. They also help move and clean bleachers.

“I enjoy just helping out the school,” Marquez said.

With more tasks come longer hours. They are now working from four to six hours a day. White starts right after school, while Marquez starts right after basketball practice and usually puts in around four hours before heading home for the night. The two boys trade off and on working. White subs for Marquez on game days. White usually ends up working twice a week, while Marquez works the rest of the work week. The boys also occasionally work on weekends.

“It’s very tiring,” Marquez said. “I have to stay late, and it makes for a long night when I have homework.”

Both boys agree that the job can be very tiring, and they often get to bed very late on nights when they have lots of homework. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Marquez has morning weights with the basketball team at 6:30. This makes for an early morning and long night. They, however, plan on keeping the job. They like the hours and work environment. The boys also said that they have met many interesting people with their job, and they like the social side of it as well.

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