Newest version of flex schedule shows improvement

With the new semester starting in January, students were introduced to the newest version of the flex schedule. While it shows signs of improvement, the schedule still has its problems. There were obviously going to be hiccups, and many were taken care of this semester. However, many problems still remain.

The flex schedule has caused me a lot of stress and is very difficult to get used to. Just as I was starting to understand my schedule and get into some sort of a routine, a newer version was introduced. This version has cut back on overlaps, which were a major flaw. The overlaps forced students to choose between classes.

Another problem with the schedule is the flex times. I find flex times very annoying and almost pointless. A flex time is a gap in a student’s schedule. To fill this gap students are assigned a classroom where a teacher is not teaching a class and allowed time to work on homework. It sounds like a good idea but still has many flaws. It is hard to get work done because flex times are often loud and crowded with people. They range from 15 minutes to over an hour, but are often split between three different teachers. If I want to work on homework during these times I have to pack and unpack my materials as many times as I move. It is very annoying and makes it easier to just not work on homework when I have a shorter flex time.

The flex schedule puts a lot of the stress on students and this semester teachers have decided to crack down on flex times. I am attending eight different classes with multiple flex times mixed in, all the while dealing with overlaps, trying to stay ahead and keep my high GPA, and not be tardy or absent. It is very hard and if I do somehow accomplish such a task I am looking forward to a two hour practice and homework. By the end of this stressful day, I get a few hours of sleep and prepare myself for another day.

I am not asking that the old schedule be brought back. I am not asking that teachers bend the rules for students. I am simply asking that teachers be a little more understanding. With this new schedule you are asking a lot of the students. Add sports to the equation and you are one tired puppy at the end of the week. This is the first year for the schedule and things aren’t perfect. It will take a long time for it to get better. Treat us how you would like to be treated, and work hard to correct flaws, and by next year you will have yourselves a school full of students that are learning and enjoying it too.


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