Many students at Skyline are taking classes dealing with Agriculture, which is the producing of  food, feed, fiber and other products.

“I am passionate about ag because I have grown up around it,” freshman Cali Newdigger said. “My animals are what I live for. My parents have helped me learn the importance of it and what our world would be like without it.”

The ag classes help students understand natural and social sciences, biology, environmental sciences and chemistry. They also learn about economics, business and management.

“I love ag because there are so many options of ag related jobs I want,” freshman Sophie Bricker said. “I also love the fact that its hands on with what your learning and you don’t have to be afraid of getting dirty.”

A degree in agriculture can lead to many careers ranging growing cash crops, raising farm animals and even caring for natural resources.

“My favorite part about ag is getting to meet new people who share the same interests,” Newdigger said. “I have many friends who have an ag background. We all want to let people know all the opportunities ag has.”

Agriculture is a industry thats be fast-moving and high-tech. Animal science, food production, horticulture and property management are some of the courses.

“My favorite part is being able to come home every day to a ranch that I help run and get to have the privilege to ride a horse, live near cattle, and being with my family,” Bricker said.

FFA is a educational program that is designed to teach kids skills in an agricultural setting and in everyday life. Many of the classes at Skyline are directly related to FFA.

Newdigger and Bricker are both officers for the FFA chapter at Skyline.

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