Self Taught Artist


Junior Sara Carrington may had just looked like any other student, but what made her stand out from the crowd was her passion for art, which she taught herself.

“My mom got me into art,” Carrington said. “She actually doesn’t do art but I remember when I was younger, maybe 10, I painted a watercolor painting of a beach at sunset. I painted this quick little beach with a sunset and showed it to my mom. I was so proud of my little painting and she told me that I had a real talent. She said she wanted to help me get some paint supplies so I can begin pursuing art.”

Almost everyone could see a little bit of Sara’s art when she decorated the whiteboard by the boys’ bathroom in the hall. She also helped with some of the projects that the afterschool kids worked on.

I like art because it is so versatile,” she said. “You can do anything, make anything, and become anything with art. It is so satisfying and relaxing just making a simple brush stroke. It is almost hypnotizing and before I know it I have been painting for five hours straight without moving an inch. There are so many techniques and different styles and you get to discover and test out what you like and what fits within your personality.”  

There were many different types of ways you could do art, such as visual, auditory or performing.

“I have always loved getting messy and doing class projects,” she said. “I seriously got into art when I was 14 and learned by following Bob Ross tutorials.”

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