YouTube channel

The video production class has started livestreaming home games on YouTube.

In the previous years TheCube was used for this purpose. But last spring the channel was discontinued. The class was forced to come up with a new method for livestreaming.  

The video production class only has six students in the class that are all freshmen. They tested out several options, including Facebook live to replace TheCube.

They’re using the YouTube channel so that parents, grandparents or anyone that wants to watch a game or see students in the homecoming assemblies but can’t make it  can watch from their phone or smart TV.

They have been faced with many problems, like the WiFi when filming outside for  a football game, and what platform to post on. They finally decided to post on YouTube. Other issues included all the updates in Wirecast, and sometimes blurry video.

The channel is a great way to spread what is going on in school. It would be better if the class  could get more people to subscribe to the channel.

Advertising and spreading the word about the channel would be a great way to solve the problem of getting people to see it.

“I like video class because you get to go out and record and edit what you just filmed,” freshman Morgan Riepl said. “You also get to get out of class because of it.”

Right now the YouTube channel has 31 subscribers and the class would like to have more people subscribe.

“I think that we should post about our YouTube channel on Instagram, Snapchat or some type of social media that we use a lot to get more people to see our channel,” freshman Eugene Riggs said.

If the class could spread the word about the YouTube livestream channel and did some advertising then it would be a really good tool that they have to use to their advantage.

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