Long awaited summer finally arrives

The school year is nearing its end and summer is about to kick off. Summer will officially begin on June 20, but students consider it to start as soon as they exit the school for summer break.

It will be a time of making memories, having fun, laughing, and no school. As students get older, there is more to do and experience. Continue reading

Put it away people: smart phone smarts

It’s common for this generation to abuse the use of electronics, taking it too far in many cases.
Technology has improved as the years have passed, starting with bag phones in 1973, to the touch screen smart phones common today. These inventions have become worldwide and addicting to use.
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Starting out as a little fifth grader on the court, junior Dustin Weber’s love for basketball began to get stronger.

Besides playing a guard for the Thunderbirds basketball team, he plays running back on the T-Birds football team, and runs and jumps on the track and field team. He also went to weights this summer because he was a captain for the football team. Continue reading