NBA role playing game catches on

NBA 2k15 is the newest version of the popular sports game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2k Sports.

The game has taken off across the country, including here at Skyline. As of February, the game had shipped more than 5.5 million copies. One of those copies was sold to sophomore Andrew Withers who has been playing NBA 2k games for four years.

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Senioritis takes grip on Skyline

Some seniors have started showing signs of a very common disease.

Showing up sometime senior year, especially after Christmas, and worsening after spring break, senioritis is a very real problem. Urban Dictionary says that the symptoms include not doing homework, not studying, missing school and laziness. Usually parents, teachers and classmates notice the problems first. Continue reading

Funding challenges state

Education funding has been a hot topic of discussion at schools across the state, as well as in Topeka.

On Feb. 5, Governor Sam Brownback announced a General State Aid reduction of 1.5 percent. That cut is going to save the state $28 million. Like all other schools, Skyline’s budget isn’t going to be as big as was expected at the beginning of the year. Continue reading

Forget about the presents

Christmas time is definitely here. Nativity scenes are set up, Lemon Park is lit up with lights, and Christmas music is playing every other song on the radio.

In the craziness of this time of year, we may start to forget what the reason for Christmas really is. More than 70% of Skyline students identify Christmas as a religious holiday, while less than 30% of students think it is more of a cultural holiday. However, even for the nonreligious students, Christmas should mean more than opening presents. Continue reading