NYC Day 3

The third day in The Big Apple was our first day of conferences. We also visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum and ate supper at Lombardi’s Pizza.

We started the day by waking up and riding the subway to the conferences.

“My butt hurt really bad because the chairs were very solid,” senior Daniel Hacker said.

After the conference we went back to the hotel to drop our things off and then went to the 9/11 museum. We learned about the history of the tragic event and saw some exhibits.

“It was cool to learn about all the inside stuff about 9/11 and I wished we could have stayed longer to look at more of it,” junior Alex Lutz said.

We ended the day by going to Little Italy and eating at the world famous Lombardi’s Pizza. We came back to the hotel after and called it a night.

Sophomore Caden Patterson captured the day in photos.