Volleyball season

Volleyball is a team sport that requires a lot of effort from individuals and as a team.

The volleyball season started in August and the girls had a total of nine wins and 19 losses.

“Overall we did well,” coach Lori Anshutz said. “We made improvement in our wins this year and skillswise we improved blocking.”


Senior Kayla Flora hits the ball, while senior Kayley Cook covers. The girls lost the game against Attica.

The coach was really happy for the girls. Even though the volleyball season is over the girl’s still are a team and still help each other out.

“I feel like the girls tried to work their hardest,” freshman manager Ashlynn Miracle said.

Anschutz  goal as a coach was to see girls develop a love for the game. She would also like to see more girls join the team next year. Something she said that the girls needed to work on was their serve receive and have more girls be comfortable playing all around.

“When you’re in practice, take that time to work on things and don’t goof around and play hard,” sophomore Emily Allphin said.

Anschutz and the volleyball team were very happy for senior Kayley Cook for receiving All-League.

For any athlete playing a sport they always have someone that influences them to play the sport and to never give up on what they believe in.

“The people who influenced me the most is my sister, also the coach and upperclassmen,” Allphin said.

They hope to have a just as good or even better season next year, and hope that they push as hard as they did the last few years.