A new sport at Skyline

Students are very excited for the first year of softball and baseball at Skyline.

“I enjoy the sport,” coach Lori Anschutz said. “I’ve coached both of my daughters since they were about five. I played it in college. Softball is a lifelong sport.”

17 girls and 21 of boys have decided to join the first softball and baseball teams at Skyline.

“One goal I have for the season is just to become a good player and teammate in general,” sophomore Emily Allphin said.

Anschutz told the team that she was excited for where they are at, with it only being a couple of days into the season.

Anschutz said that her goal is “for girls to love the game. With it being new, we don’t really have anyone that’s developed a love for the game yet.”

Practice for softball hasn’t been going on for very long but the girls seem to like it.  Monday was the first day the whole team was at practice because of the basketball games.

“Practice is fun,” Allphin said. “It’s different for me because I haven’t played softball, but so far I enjoy it.”

Anschutz is excited for were the girls skills are at. She hopes to see them just continue to improve.

“It’s going good,” Anschutz said. “I’m excited to get the whole team in there. The girls are above what I was expecting.”

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