CAP steals seminar time

The administration has introduced a new program for the student body called Career and Academic Planning, better known as CAP.

An upside to the program is that it gets students ready for real life situations. This program is a new learning experience for the students as well as the teachers.

“The basic idea is very useful for students,” senior Sydney Koirth said. “It will be very helpful for future students.”

CAP groups allow students to have a set time for learning about resumes, scholarships,  Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and doing community service.

“The community service is fun and it helps our community,” Koirth said.

A factor that adds to the negative side is that it takes important seminar time away from students. In seminar, students use their time to work on homework from other classes and work on projects. With CAP groups taking up two full seminars a week it limits the time for students who have extracurricular activities and participate in sports to do their homework.

“It’s a thing seniors shouldn’t have to do,” senior Daylen Chadd said. “We don’t see a lot of benefit from it.”

The idea is good for the students but it should have been introduced differently. The program should have been integrated with the freshmen and had them continue to do it, along with the incoming freshmen classes. Eventually the whole high school would be working with the CAP program.

A lot of the juniors and seniors won’t receive as much benefit as the younger classes do.

“I think if CAP group is done right and really tailored to what the students need it could be very beneficial,” teacher Kim Lee said. “Each group needs to personalize for their age group.”

With the new program, students plan on staying open-minded to change, as they want to learn as much as they can before they continue with life post high school.

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